Icon of laptop with WWW globe

Surf on reputable sites

Icon of shield with tick in it

Make sure the applications you install are trustworthy

Icon of safe

Use unique and strong passwords on each site

Icon of dog

Always use a proper password, so when you change it you won’t need to rename your puppy

Imagine you’re on holiday in a foreign city. You go in and out of each shop browsing for stuff. Not a problem right? Now imagine that each time you go in and out of a shop you give them your personal information.

How much information would you have to give before you aren’t comfortable anymore? Suddenly you come to an ally that’s badly lit, with people standing around that make you feel uncomfortable. Do you go down the ally into the shops or keep walking on?

My guess would be you walk by, as humans have evolved with an instinct for self-preservation that we rely on, but it just isn’t there for many of us whilst we surf online (it’s all just too new and it’s not developed yet). 

It means in cyberspace many of us are more trusting than we should be.