With modern interconnectivity, cyber security is a team game and not an individual sport.

Putting the pieces together safely

With an ever growing need to interact with other companies online, businesses are no longer isolated from external threats. From buying services to being a ‘Master Franchise’, there is often a requirement for sharing data and access to systems; but with sharing comes risk…

A simple view of your risk of sharing

We developed Oversight as ‘single pane of glass’ view of your cyber-health risk across all the connections working with your business. You can connect with any company using any of our Evolve products and visualise your picture of risk in a single place, on a single dashboard. Just like connecting with a peer on a social media you can connect to any company using any of our Evolve products, see their current level of cyber-health, steps they have taken and any evidence they have uploaded.

Example Use cases:

• Master Franchise with franchisees

• Universities with different colleges and research groups

• Group companies with a portfolio of independant ‘sister’ brands

• Companies contracting to a network of ‘independent sevice providers’

• Companies leading a portfolio of investments

Oversight overview

Understand connect with the companies you work with and see a simple view of your cyber-health risk across them..

View at a high level, track and drill down to explore the progress of your connections through a ‘single pane of glass’, allowing you to focus your effort where it matters most.

As privacy is at the heart of being cyber-healthy, we have built it into out platform, ensuring that you and your connections are in full control.