Transformation is hard…

But it doesn’t have to be!

Ready for a new approach?

One that takes into account your constraints (such as time, resource, risk appetite and budget) and gives you’ turn by turn’ directions on how to get you chosen destination?

How about one that’s aligned to industry recognised control frameworks like NIST, ISO 27001/2 and Cyber Essentials? Yes?

Then its time to let us XaaSify you…


We built a simple model for high level personal cyber security, with a fun twist. 18 questions gauge the level of ‘cyber safety’ away from the office. Utilising a cut back version of our business platform, this free of charge quiz deliver essential tips and guides for your online habits.

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From a small business to a global enterprise, cybersecurity is a necessary area of improvement for most. Our platform, model and methodology provide a simple approach to assessing and defining your roadmap, as well as turn by turn directions on how to get the.

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Our Why

XaaS was born with a single purpose (or ‘why’): to make transformation easier for companies and individuals alike

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