Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Welcome to our FAQ page.

Here you can find how to videos, quick reference guides and answers to frequently asked questions to support your journey to cyber-health!

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Signing up and logging in:

How do I sign up for your service?

If you are interested in our Evolve Foundation, please check here.

If your needs are closer to our Evolve Together product, please contact us here.


How do I create an account?

To create an account after you purchase our product please go to this page.

If you need help with creating your account, please check our “How to” video in this link.


How do I sign in to use XaaS platform?

Please sign in your account here.

Using the platform:

How do I start using your platform?

In order to make your life easier we created a short video with all the essentials you need to know about using our platform. Please watch here.


Do I need to have a dedicated team to answer the questionnaire?

Our questionnaire is written in a simple language for everyone (techie or not) to understand. You do not need a dedicated team to answer the questionnaire, but you might need to ask around in your company for answers. For that purpose, we enabled a “Manage Users” feature so you can invite in the platform the appropriate people to help you with correctly answering your questionnaire.


Who should answer the questionnaire?

To answer our questionnaire, you don’t have to be a cyber genius, but you need to know what is going on in the company (and we don’t mean gossip wise) or know who can help you with the information.


After answering the questionnaire what?

Once you finish answering all the questions you have two options:

1. Ask from someone to review them if you think is necessary,

2. You can now submit your questionnaire and move on to find out what your score is and how to improve it.

If you choose to submit, please note there is not going back to changing or reviewing your answers.

Once you submit your questionnaire, our system automatically will show you how you did in overall score but also individually in each domain, so you know your wick spots. You can also choose to “Run a report” that will give more detailed results per domain or go on with your cyber-health plan and start improving your score.



What does my cyberXcore mean?

Your cyberXcore is like a credit score but for cyber security, the higher your level the better your cyber security. We have 5 levels of security. If your company is handling personal data, your level needs to be at least 2, but don’t worry if after completing our rapid questionnaire you find out you are in a lower level than 2. This is why we are here! To help you achieve your goal!

Cyber-health plan:

What is the cyber-health plan?

Your cyber-health plan is a series of cyber-steps that you need to follow to improve your cyberXcore in each domain. All of the steps that needs completion and attention from your part will be stacked under the “to do” list. Instead, all of the ones that are in completed are the ones that are considered done because of your answers to the questionnaire.

Please note that to facilitate working through the list you have 2 more columns: “Working on it” and “On hold” that you can drag and drop steps according to their status.


How do I work on my cyber-health plan?

Once you finish your assessment (and assuming you have completed your company’s details, if not an admin needs to do this), you will be able to see your cyber health plan and start improving your score. The plan has several statuses to help you organise your workload easier. All the cyber steps that are considered completed because of your answers at the assessment are listed in the “Done” column. You are more than welcome to open them and read those too.

For more details and navigating the steps, please check our explanatory video here.