Investing in the solution for your cyber-health

Our products to help you achieve the right cyber-health report and steps for your business.
Just like a personal trainer in the gym, Evolve is your tailored programme with the necessary steps to get yourself cyber-fit.

Why do I need to worry about cyber security?

Every day there are new stories in the press about cyber incidents and data breaches (and those are just the ones that are considered to be newsworthy for the general public).  The problem is growing, with it being estimated that cyber crime inflicted more than $6 trillion in 2021.  With the reality being that even a small breach (or misue of data) can be damaging to your brand and company, cyber security should always be a consideration!  The light at the end of the tunnel isn’t necessarily the express train though…it doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive.

How much cyber security do I need?

Just as how secure your home is based on where you live and what you have, the requirements of how cyber-healthy (secure) your company is depends on your size and what you do. For some, such as those involved in finance, you need a high level (up to the maximum Level 5, or as we call it ‘Sustaining’), but the majority, such as building companies or retail, you will porbably need (with small companies often only needing up to Level 2, or as we call it ‘Sapling’).

What makes XaaS different?

At XaaS we hold two core beliefs: Firstly that cyber security should be available for everyone, not just the global elite; secondly to enable that, it shouldn’t have to be expensive. We have taken more than 50 years combined cyber security experience across different disciplines and looked at the security industry as a whole, working out what needed to change. Like the fitness industry we look at small changes with consistency to get you cyber-healthy rather than drastic and unsustainable life transformations…

How similar is XaaS to Cyber Essentials?

There are many control frameworks, each having a purpose and a focus. We looked at all of the major frameworks (including Cyber Essentials, IASME, ISO 27001 and NIST), to define an all encompassing view of ‘what good looks like’. The resulting model we built is like a universal translator to other control frameworks. By completing our cyber-steps, you will be able to see how compliant you are with, for instance, Cyber Essentials.

I am at the level I need, what do I do now?

Once you get ‘fit and healthy’, it is likely you’ll work to maintain your healthy habits to ensure a continued state of fitness. The same is the case for your cyber-health.  Once you achieve the level you need, you will continue the healthy habits and maintain your cyber-fitness. XaaS allows you to keep a check on your progress, sending you reminders and tips, whilst helping you continue to help protect your business.

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