Lock your laptop when you walk away from it and take your phone with you

Icon of shield and virus

Always have an up to date antivirus/antimalware solution installed

If you have to use a WiFi connection try to use a reputable one

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You’ll never get to the point with a blunt pencil

Imagine having a piece of paper with all your personal thoughts and desires, your passwords and your credit cards numbers. Now imagine going to the pub and leaving it on the table in front of everyone whilst you get up and go for a drink or a comfort break. You wouldn’t want to do it would you? I bet without realising you already have…

If you’ve ever walked away from your laptop without locking it or left your phone on the table where you couldn’t see it, you’ve left yourself just as exposed.

We use our electronic devices for everything from banking to communicating with friends, from shopping to watching films. They tend to be a repository for our most intimate information, extensions of who we are (like a virtual soul) and yet we don’t always do enough to protect them.

As a society we’ve all learnt to wash our hands for good hygiene (to reduce our chances of getting sick) and lock our doors to stop people getting into our houses. We also think twice about putting our hands places that they could get dirty, but when it comes to our ‘cyber hygiene’ none of us are good enough.