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Shred documents containing personal information (before throwing them away)

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Think twice before sharing personal documents

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Keep an eye on your credit rating in case you're been compromised

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Your personal details are like underwear…you don’t need to show it to the world (unless you’re a superhero)

Imagine you are on the train you commute to work on. You’re standing as there are no seats but you can see someone on a laptop and mobile phone. They have their medical record on the screen and over the phone they are giving out their date of birth, bank details and address.

You look around the carriage and someone else is intently watching the first person, making notes and writing everything they say down. You think to yourself they’re going to be a victim of identity theft and you’d never be that silly, but the truth is we probably all have to a lesser degree and all without realising.

Being careful with personal information is one of those things we all say we realise we need to do, but in our day to day lives it’s not always that easy…