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Get started with our Evolve Foundation Early Adopter package today for £480 +VAT per year...

As a thank you for being an early supporter of XaaS, we want to show our appreciation by automatically giving you the upgraded version ‘Evolve Plus’ (worth £4,800) automatically on its release in early Autumn.

N.B. This will happen at no extra cost, for the life of your contract with XaaS .

Evolve Foundation…

Building on our free assessment, Evolve Foundation is great for small to medium businesses. At less than the cost of two ‘posh coffees’ per week, it’s an ideal way to get the cyber-health your business needs. (Think of it being like your first proper gym membership in your fitness journey.)

Evolve Plus…

You can stretch your goals and will have access to all levels of cyber-health from a foundational right the way through to our maximum.

Evolve Plus is designed for companies that need more.  Maybe due to your industry or perhaps because you have requirements placed upon you by your customers, but no matter the reason Evolve Plus delivers you a cyber-health plan to a greater level.  (Think a more detailed gym plan for undertaking a triathlon or goal greater than simply ‘getting fit’)

See your compliance against industry standard control frameworks such as Cyber Essentials, NIST, ISO 27001, IASME and NIS

What’s included in our Evolve Plus product…

User Management
One click sign on (e.g. O365, Amazon, Apple)
Multifactor Authentication
Auditor access (Read only)

Cyber-health Assessment
Rapid Questionnaire to Level 2
Rapid Questionnaire to Level 5

Evidence requirements
cyber-steps Next Steps
Prioritised order
cyber-steps mapping to control frameworks
Custom Goal setting
Full journey

Cyber-steps Management
Status update
Allocation of cyber-steps to users
Personalisation of cyber-step order
Evidence upload

Booster content
Template Cyber Security Policy
Asset register
Risk register
Third party register

+ available with ‘Evolve Plus’ Autumn 2022

Get started with our Evolve Foundation Early Adopter package today for £480 +VAT per year...