The cybertrak-X metamodel

We have taken the lead from industries like health and fitness where ‘fad diets’ and rapid exercise programmes have been replaced with sustainable change in behaviours and eating habits.

Our unique industry first cyber security ‘metamodel’, cybertrak-X, provides behaviours at the human level, rather than just focusing on technical controls.

Cybertrak-X is aligned to key industry standard controls, giving you the best of both worlds…compliance with known frameworks and sustainable change in a practical way.

Our XaaS cyber security model is made up of 8 domains to ensure that every area is covered on your journey to cyber-health..

Risk Management

In simple terms risk is the result of consequence and likelihood of possible disruption to your business  Go >>

Asset Management

Assets are the things of value you hold within your business, such as hardware, software and data  Go >>

Identity and Access Management

At a high level, Identity and Access Management is the creation, maintenance and deletion of identities   Go >>


Awareness is the result of everyone in your business having a broad understanding of cyber security and its associated risks   Go >>

Security by Design

Security By Design ensures the system architecture of your business is secure  Go >>

Environmental Security

The way in which your business interacts with the world at large is your environment   Go >>

Security Operations

Security operations is the blend of security and IT operational activity  Go >>


Governance ensures your organisation does the right thing at all levels  Go >>