Paraclimbing Bronze….

Matt White (CEO) wins Bronze in British Paraclimbing Championship

On Sunday 21st November, Matt White took part in his first competitive climb, by entering the British Paraclimbing Championships 2021.

Matt suffered nerve damage in his leg in 2020 as a result of complications related to his CRPS and has been living with the resulting dorsiflexion footdrop ever since. Having been training with Team GB Coach Belinda Fuller whilst they partner in developing the XaaS climbing transformation product, Matt was given the opportunity to compete under IFSC Paraclimbing categorisation of RP3.

We’re delighted to announce Matt made it to the final, with his last climb securing him 3rd place and a Bronze medal

With my CRPS and now my footdrop, I have been hiding my issues from the public eye until I began working with Be [Fuller] and Volume 1. I quickly realised the paraclimbing community has many similarities with the outlook we have been building within XaaS. Paraclimbers are the embodiment of transformation, adaption and resilience, with the way they support each other mirroring our view that the best outcomes result from everyone doing what is best for themselves and everyone else. I don't feel the need to hide now I am part of their community.

During the competition I witnessed huge determination and drive to overcome obstacles and it was an uplifting and humbling experience. My challenges were minor compared with many of those climbing and they were the epitome of where there is a will there is a way.

Matt White, CEO XaaS Ltd

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