XaaS announces partnership with Ukrainian Development Experts TechMagic

This week XaaS announced that it has chosen to partner with the Ukrainian based development experts TechMagic to build out the XaaS transformation platform.

XaaS expects to have the Cyber Security framework and transformation platform ready for launch in Q1 2022, with an initial version available to calculate cyber maturity in Q4 2021.

It is so exciting to be starting out on our journey to build Metacore-x, the platform that will guide our clients through their transformation journeys. We have always had a clear vision as to what it will be, but it is really moving to see it being brought to life. It is such a pleasure to be working with the team at TechMagic, with us currently engaging together on the discovery phase . The team are highly skilled in each their roles, resulting in a team that is perfectly complementary to the XaaS team.

Sarah Hurley, COO Xaas Ltd

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